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left west gate and ran the gauntlet first (walking) and got clear past before the firing began. None of us were injured. 

In my party is Rev. Thomas Torrance, O.R.G.S. acting as guide, for he is very gamiliar [[familiar]] with this region, Dr. W. R. Morse, anthropologist, and Dr. Agnew, famous for his discovering of the cause of dental cavities. 

The altitude here on the pass is 5300 feet. 

I did no shooting today because there is war not far away, and shooting might stir up the Chinese and cause trouble. 

Yang Fong Tsang and Ho Son Chuen are supposed to be working just on the other side of this pass, and I am hoping that we can connect up with them tomorrow and they can join the party. 

July 19. We reached a place about 3 miles down the river from Tao Knan ^[[Kuan]]. The name is Yin Shin [[strikethrough]]Rian[[/strikethrough]] ^[[Kuan]] and the altitude 3900 feet. 

This morning my messengers got into touch with Ho Son Chuen and Yang Fong Tsang. They met me 15 li down from the summit, on the road. They are to work the same spot as before instead of coming along with me. They have a number of large mammals. We got a good catch of night moths last night at Yang Tsi Lin Pass, the altitude of which is 5200 feet. 

July 20. We travelled to a small village just 10 li down the river from ^[[T]]Rao Kuan. Ho Son Chuen is coming along to help train my two students so they can do better skinning. We get a fair catch of insects. Last night very few insects were caught by means of the lanterns. 

Transcription Notes:
I'm not sure if I'm imaging this or not, but it appears that there's some sort of light watermark on the paper. I didn't notice it until it said "number of large mammals." because it forms a box around the word