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July 21. We travelled to Wen Chuan Shien, arriving early. The catch of insects was small but a few of the insects are rare. We got so many lizards that we cannot keep them all. I got two snakes, one so large that I had to cut it in two in order to get it into the bottles, and the other very small. The coolies are very tired. 

July 22. In the morning Ho Son Chuen skinned several birds with the students Pen and San to give them practice skinning birds. All day Yao natted insects. 
[[in left margin]]Filled Box 61 Insects[[/in left margin]]

In the afternoon Pen and San went out collecting. I spent much time working over the collections, seeing that everything was well preserved. A Wa Si aborigine friend brought me three large animals called ^[[=Pandois]][[underline]]Pan Yang[[/underline]], a fine male wild boar, and an animal like the lynx. The skin and bones of the latter are in bad shape. Insects have injured all the skins. We are staying in the local chapel or church, and will leave the large specimens here until we return. In the future I may refuse to take any but perfect specimens. I am taking these specimens hoping they are useful, and in order to encourage the collectors to continue. 

Box 62. Insects (moths, etc.) near Wen Chuan. 

Box 63. Insects in bottles between Kuanshien and Wen Chuan. 

Also 64. Insects in bottles.

July 23. Today we labelled specimens and numbered them, preparing to go farther up the valley. The carpenter has made some boxes to contain the specimens.