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etc. We are preparing for a trip to higher altitudes. 
   The coolies struck for more money this morning. 
   Today we dried and boxed the insects, cleaned and oiled the guns, etc. I sent a messenger to Wei Chow for provisions. The car-penter made some boxes for specimens. 
   July 30. Last night we collected night moths until 2.00 a.m. They were few in number, but looked quite interesting. The moon is coming out a little more every night and that will greatly injure our night moth catching. Yesterday we got a snake. 
   Filled Box No. 69. Insects in bottles. 
   July 31. With the three collectors, Pen, San, and Yao, I went up the mountain to a Chiang aborigine village called Bu San Tsen. The altitude in the temple where we are staying is 8000 feet. The village, which consists of houses made of stone, is just below us. This afternoon we went out collecting along the hillside. Near us is a large forest. We got a fair catch of insects. Tonight we set a lot of traps for wild mice, but we had only hard biscuits for bait. A band of monkeys was seen a few miles from here, but they are the common little yellow monkeys of very little value. We got a few salamanders in a mountain creek at about 8500 feet altitude. 
There is a very tiny gnat or fly around here that you can hardly see, but which bites as hard as a mosquito. 
   Aug. 1. Last night I got the netters at work about two o'clock a.m. The moon went down about that time. It is useless to try to catch night moths when the moon is shining, even behind clouds. We got several hundred moths before daylight. We filled Box 70. Night