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moths, etc. Alt. mostly about 8500 feet. It rained today so we caught no day insects. I went out this morning and got my clothing soaked. This afternoon I went out again and got caught in another rain and got soaked again, so tonight I had to take aspirin and go to bed. I had very bad luck shooting. I shot at a mountain goat at about 800 yards. I probably touched him but did not kill him. I hit four birds, but lost them all in the thick underbrush. We trapped two mountain rats, mammals No. 1180-1181. ^[[Apodemus (258546) & Rattus (258523)]] Alt. 8500 feet. We are in a temple just above the Chiang aborigine village, Bu San Tsen, alt. 8500 feet. 

August 2. I shot two birds at 9000 feet. We got a small catch of night moths last night because of the moon. Caught mammal 1182. We went after large mammals, but did not even see any. We got a good catch of day insects, mostly bees. I got a bad chill yesterday and had to take aspirin and quinnine.

Filled Box 71 with night moths, bees, etc. 

Aug. 3. This morning we came down the mountain to Dong Men Wai, going over some terrible roads. Much of the land was semi-arid and the catch was not large. Last night I got the netters out with the gasoline lanterns after the moon had set, or about 4 o'clock, and they got a good number of moths.
Aug. 4. We have been netting up and down the valley near Dong Men Wai. I packed up for the trip up a nearby valley to Oh Er. Filled Box 72 with insects (dry) and Box 73 with insects in small bottles.   

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- fixed handwriting formatting to match instructions i.e. ^[[text]] -fixed spelling mistake in the transcript that is spelled correctly in the original document. Other than that it looks good.