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January 8, 33. Yang Hong Tsang may have been murdered. I have written to the officials to investigate and sent back Ho Son Chuen to finish up everything and bury Yang Ho Tsang.

January 12, 1934. More troubles. I got an air mail letter from Rev. Gordon Jones and Chungking, of the Canadian Business Agency, saying that in spite of our passports the customs people have held up the 24 boxes of animal skins and bones. The names of the skins, the numbers, and the weights of skins and bones were required. I'm replying by air mail.

January 13, 1934. Today I sent Yao as a spy to find out what is being done about the death of Yang Hong Tsang.

January 22 1933.
1. Mammal 1264 female mt. goat dark brown
2. Ditto 1265
3. 1266 female gray-black mt. goat white tail
Ditto 1267 male black monkey
Ditto 1268 male black monkey purchased.
No. 1269 wild rat.

I have been reckoning acounts with Ho Son Chuen, the skinner. His measurements are not very dependable.

There are a couple of nice-looking mountain goats, one a new kind to my collecting.  There is a pheasant that is also new to my collecting.

1274 is a weasel.
1270-1306 wild rats, moles and squirrels (2).

I am working a little each day to get the recent collection ready to ship.

January 29, 1934. Filled box No. 261 Rat skeletons.

Box 262
4 pheasants
2 wa wa gi male
1 "   "    female
1 Shan' za^2 tsi^3
Box 263 small box of rat bones value @3.00

[[underline]]Box 264-5, Insects.[[/underline]]

Box 266, 34 ratskins.

January 29, 1934. Two days ago the hunter Li Song Hin came in with six regular tarkin. One straight-horned tarkin, 3 antelope (cliff asses), 2 white Pandas, 2 gray mountain goats, female, 1 cliff goat, 1 lynx, 3 weasels, 2 squirrels, 1 yellow cat.