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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-386472-3866Scroll, Chinese, Li Hung Chang (2 views), Printing Block, Chinese72-3864 &A01090ElderAnthroKrantz04/03/19724BW4x5P
72-386772-3896Potterty, cocle, Panama - Bone carving, cocle, Panama01243EvansAnthroKrantz03/23/197230BW4x5P
72-389772-3902Tin meat ration can (2 views), leather belt (2 views), Blk leat. Cartridge loops (2 views) US Army Military01371HutchinsNAFMABHarrell04/04/19726BW4x5P
72-390372-3907Clock chime mechanism, modern Fr. clock, James Arthur Coll.2-243HurlyOutside OrderHarrell03/31/19725BW4x5P
72-390872-3912Dress, Cheyenne, V. J. Evans Coll2-335StewartOutside OrderKrantz04/04/19725BW4x5P
72-3913Hand loom jacquard - textiles. Loom on Loan.RestrictedLoom on loan01161AdroskoTextilesH.J.04/03/19721BW4x5P
72-3914Pullman Fire Engine. Photo Mint00970WhiteTransportationRcd from Division04/06/19721BW8x10P
72-391572-3955Red Horse drawings of the Battle of the Little Big Horn by Red Horse a Miniconjou Dakota, Indian.Also CT - on 72-3918, 3933, 3955, 393101081RhodesNAA 439Rcd from DIV04/06/197241CN4x5PRCD from DOTTIE
72-395672-3958Mrs Nixon at the Renwick Travel Progam for Foreign Diplomats Apr 5. 7201279M. JohnsonSpec. EventsHofmeister04/05/19723 rls 88 expsBW35mmP
72-3959Easter egg exhibits case at Nat Zoo01468KrugOPAHofmeister04/07/19721 rlBW21/2x21/2P
72-396072-3960AOriginal will of J Smithson (both sides) w/ signature01357GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19721BW4x5Pnotes "3 color slides" in line but not mentioned in list near neg numbers so not included @VLeachman
72-396072-3960AOriginal will of J Smithson (both sides) w/ signature01357GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19722CT4x5P
72-396072-3960AOriginal will of J Smithson (both sides) w/ signature01357GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19721CN4x5P
72-3961Oil paining of J Smithson (with frame)01351GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/197210CS35mmP
72-3961Oil paining of J Smithson (with frame)01351GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19721CT4x5P
72-3961Oil paining of J Smithson (with frame)01351GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19721CN4x5P
72-3961Oil paining of J Smithson (with frame)01351GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19721BW4x5P
72-396272-3962AOil painting of Joseph Henry (w/frame & w/o frame)01351GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19721CN4x5P
72-396272-3962AOil painting of Joseph Henry (w/frame & w/o frame)01351GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19722CT4x5P
72-396272-3962AOil painting of Joseph Henry (w/frame & w/o frame)01351GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19723CS35mmP
72-396272-3962AOil painting of Joseph Henry (w/frame & w/o frame)01351GoodeO.S.Harrell03/31/19721BW4x5P
72-396372-3965World Health exhib. open., Hall of Health, MHT & Press Conference01271, 01399Johnson, HamarnehSP. Ev., Med.ScHof04/07/19723 rlsBW35mmP
72-396672-3967Resid. of S. Dixson (Pres. & Gen. Mjr. of New River Co., Prudence, W.Va. 1908)(Outside) Prudence, W.Va. House, Fayette Co. W.Va. House 1908 (Inside)01272SerioPre-Ind. Cul. Hist.HJ03/29/19722BW4x5C
72-396872-3970Pyrometer controller, Minn. Honeywell, 316,714(2 views) 330,828 (1 view)01332NortonPhy.Sci.Hof04/07/19723BW4x5P
72-397173-3976Pyrometer, Brown Inst. Co. (2 v.), Brown Ele. Rec. (2 v.) Ed Brown Phil (2 v)01333NortonPhy.Sci.Hof04/06/19726BW4x5P
72-397772-3979N.P.G. "Catalog of American Portraits", for Press Release, Mr. Sadik, Mrs. Bower, Mr. Boyd01465Nancy BushN.P.G.Harrell04/07/19723 rls 29 expBW21/2x21/2P
72-3980Airplane, Japanese, Aichi B7A1 "Ryusei"01460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-3981Airplane, Japanese, Aichi D4Y3 "Suisei"01460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-3982Airplane, Japanese, Aichi E16A2 "Zuiun"01460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-3983Airplane, Japanese, Kawanishi N1K2-J Shinden-kai01460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-3984Airplane, Japanese, Kawanishi N1K1, "Kyofu" single engine seaplane01460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-3985Airplane, Japanese, Kawanishi N1K1, "Kyofu" single engine seaplane01460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-3986Airplane, Japanese, Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zero SEN"01460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-3987Airplane, Japanese, Nakajima Ki.84 "Hayate"01460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-3988Airplane, Japanese, "Ohka" MXY7-K2, also with REX-201460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-3989Japanese airplane Sikorsky JRS-1 (S-43) Amphibian01460MikeshMASM735-72Jenkins03/20/197210BW4x5C
72-399072-3991Opening rcption. Arabia Felix Show. Foyer of th NH Bldg01252M. JohnsonSpec EventsKrantz04/03/19722 rls 56 expsBW35mmP
72-3992Presentation of check accepted by Dr Cowan, Ladies Committee presentation balcony dinosaur hall NH Blg01469KrugOPAKrantz04/07/19721 rlBW120P

Transcription Notes:
@VLeachman - After enquiries with SI Archives it seems that different film types need separate lines. Rewritting the table to accommodate this.

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