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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
73-173-5Monthly Lobby Case for Dec 1972, Various Divisions05198; 05233J. Miller C&G (Neg #73-1); DanzenbakerOD.D.A. Harrell12/22/19725BW5x7P
73-6A73-6CSilk & Velvet, Jacquard Woven Panel, French, 19th Cent.05285AdroskoTextilesHarrell01/02/19733BW4x5P
73-7Coverlet, Blue & White Overshot, Donor Mrs. Carrie E. King05286AdroskoTextilesHarrell01/02/19731BW4x5P
73-873-20American Flag; Tulsa; 13 Stars; Owner - Fred RobinsonRestricted05205LangleyNaval Hist.Hof12/20/197213BW4x5P
73-2173-25CS Toys, Metalic, Small for For Educational TV (Kentucky)05256RothCostume & FurnishHarrell12/12/197225CS35mmPNot above type reads "Filed 10 CS"
73-2673-27"Guard of the Month" Cpl. C. Keyser; with Hoffman & Anderson (Chief)00002GrimsleyProtection Div.Farrar12/29/19722BW4x5P
73-2873-30Lincoln Statue - NMHT - 2nd fl - 3 views00119; 05405GoodwinPub. AffairsHarrell01/02/19733BW & one CN4x5P
73-3173-34Jukebox, Tourist looking on a Music Hall, Physical Sciences, Doll House & Pendulum3-5Market Comm.Milwaukee WIHof.07/10/19724CN4x5P
73-35Aircraft Factory Martin Twin Jet B-57 - Bombers05344MikeshNASM/289JS12/20/19721BW4x5RP/R column actually says "copy"
73-3673-40Lilly Collection; Hist. of Money; Selections Money of Siege & Necessity; Orders and Decorations00001StefanelliNumismaticsHarrell01/03/19735BW5x7P
73-41Productivity Exhibit Basement HTB Various Shots with Children00027Bean1OPA AD MHTHarrell01/04/197334 [[illigible]]BW35mmP
73-42 CS73-48 CSMultiple Dial (Sundial) Cat #330, 78202553Dr. MerzbachS&T, Sec MathHarrell12/15/197224CS35mmPNote above department says "7 CS filed"
73-4273-48Multiple Dial (Sundial) Cat #330, 78202553Dr. MerzbachS&T, Sec MathHarrell12/15/1972?BW4x5P
73-49 CS73-52 CSSide Saddle, Record Photos After Treatment 4 VWS05213RaphaelC.A.L.Harrell12/15/19728CS35mmPNote above department says "4-Filed"
73-4973-52Side Saddle, Record Photos After Treatment 4 VWS05213RaphaelC.A.L.Harrell12/15/19724BW4x5P
73-53First Contact Ever Established Between D-3 Airship & Sperry-Messenger Airplane05438WinterNASMLAC01/03/19731BW4x5C
73-5473-55Aviator Robt. G. Fowler, EB & Aircraft Alliance "ARGO"PO-2-1570; AA-19-05441Patterson ScottOhio NASM Lib/11LAC01/03/19732BW4x5 (75-55 8x10)C
73-5673-58Reception for the Papers of Joseph Henry, Great Hall, S.I. Building05258JohnsonSpec. EventsHOF12/26/1972114 / 3 rolls expsBW3 rolls 35mm, ExpsPAmount field may mean 3 rolls/114 exps
73-59Symposium Meeting of AAAS Officials at Wash Hilton with Mr. Field [[?]]/Dillon05430HarneyNews BU OPABowman12/28/19721 roll 12 expsBW35mmP
73-6073-65Reception & Events Connected with the Annual AAAS Meeting - The Papers of Joseph Henry05335HarneyOPABlume12/28/19726 rolls - 162 expsBW35mmP
73-6673-70Joseph Henry Papers Exhibit at Great Hall S.I. Building05258JohnsonSpec Ev.HOF12/26/197216BW4x5P
73-7173-72Polk's Inauguration Line Illust. 1845 WNPOW News & 5 March 1873 Evening Star00073MayoPolit HistLAC Jones01/05/19731 4x5; 1 5x7BW1 4x5; 1 5x7C
73-7373-75Pewter Plate #23, Dish #22 & Charger #122-1675FleischmanSI 311Harrell01/04/19733BW4x5P
73-76Mrs. Cope's Retirement Party, Directors Conference Rm MHT00060Clain-StefanelliNumism.HOF01/05/19731 roll 36 expsBW35mmP
73-77Mrs. Vann Demonstrating Spinning & Weaving MHT Textile Hall05287Lois VannTextilesHOF01/05/19731 roll 29 expsBW35mmP
73-7873-82With Various Views - Rare Archeological Death Mask Fragments Alaska - & Fugitive Polychrome Painting from Wood Carvings04632FitzhughAnthrop.Krantz11/20/1972 [[?]]20BW4x5P
73-831973 Inaugural Medal Nixon & Agnew by Gilroy Roberts00005Clain-StefanelliNumis.LAC01/05/19731BW4x5C
73-8473-86Political History, Woman Suffrage Parade, Speaker & Poster2-1650; 05409Steve MayoWash. DC Polit HistLAC01/05/19733BW4x5C
73-87French Rule00423MorrisMech & Civil EngHOF02/07/19731BW4x5P
73-8873-91Carbine Rifles & Ammunition for Mauser05359GoinsMilt. Hist.HOF01/08/19734BW4x5P
73-92Carriage, Inaugural 1873 (previous order #05303)00095CoffeePolit HistRCD01/09/19731CN4x5RCDRCD also written under date
73-93Medal Wright Bros. 1867-1912, 1871-194800088GarberNASMHOF01/09/19731BW4x5P
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