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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
73-9473-95Aircraft, German JG53, "Schlageter" WNU 119000042OakesNASM 298LAC01/05/19732BW4x5C
73-9673-97Machine Gun, Lewis, Model Mark VI, Model 1914PO-3-13 00037Truby GoinsPA- Milt. Hist.HOF01/08/19732BW4x5P
73-9873-101Beer Trays and Trays McKinley - Roosevelt; Mckinley, T. Roosevelt, Bryan00016CollinsPolit. HistHarrell01/08/19734BW4x5P
73-10273-111[[Irun?]] Political Objects, McKinley,GOP Elephant-Humphrey Donkey00017CollinsPolit. HistHarrell01/08/197310BW4x5P
73-11273-239-CBay Island, Honduras, Research Project, Pottery1st [[?]] - completed (04992)05282EvansAnthroKrantz12/26/1972 through 01/04/1973180BW4x5P
73-24037-257Aircraft Photographs, Fokker, F.K. 31-56, D1-FOGA NA T6 F.K. 39 Ph. Am6P.O. 2-1578 05139Casius ScottSt. Mtn. N 9th Antilles NASM LIB 3JS H.J.12/14/197218BW1-5x7 17-4x5C
73-25873-267Photos of Art Student League, Classes with Instructers 19th & 20th Cent/05188SmithA[[?]]. Amer. ArtJ.S.12/12/197210BW4x5C
73-26873-270CS White House China Tea-set, Adams, Madison & Adams China Sevres MarkNif 2/9200048CoffeePolit HistRecd From Div01/09/19733CS2x2CS
73-27173-272CN Ceramics, Earthenware jars & Pitchers American 19th Cent.05179WatkinsPre Ind. Cult HistHarrell01/11/19732CN4x5p
73-27373-291Machines at Silver Hill, Various05358MayrMech & C[[?]] Eng.Harrell01/10/197319BW2 1/4 x 2 1/4p
73-29273-294Political Campaign: Coolidge Button Marshall Badge00018CollinsPolit. Hist/33Harrell01/05/19733BW4x5p
73-29573-295CT - 4x5 & 2-35mm CS00122KlosterMilit. HistRcd From Div.01/12/19732CS CT35mm 4x5p
73-29573-295Joshua Fish - Revolutionary Warrent - neg Retained by Div.00122KlosterMilit. HistRcd from Div.01/12/19731BW4x5p
73-29673-304Presidential Contenders Bandannas - Harrison Cleveland, Wilkie00097CollinsPol. HistHof01/11/19739BW4x5p
73-30573-307Campaign (Pres.) Items - 100 yr. old Bottle, Plate05419CollinsPol. Hist.Hof01/11/19733BW4x5p
73-30873-313Rifles & Muskets; M1803, 1814, 184105442GoinsMilit. HistHof01/09/19736BW4x5p
73-31473-315Two Students of Museum Study "at work"00174RichardsonAcad. StudiesHof01/11/19732 rls, 24 expsBW120p
73-31673-322Gas Grenade; Ammo Belt 1902, Cavalary Experimental04697HutchinsNAFMABHof01/10/19737BW4x5p
73-32373-325Presidential Picture Plates; Taft; McKinley; Mrs. Cleveland00019CollinsPol. Hist.Harrell01/05/19733BW4x5p
73-32673-330Campaign Items - Taft Shaker; McKinley Doll; PT-10900051CollinsPol. HistHarrell01/05/19735BW4x5p
73-33173-351Campaign Bandannas; McKinley; Hoover; Lincoln; Roosevelt00049CollinsPol. HistHarrell01/08/197321BW4xp
73-35273-353Campaign Items; Al Smith Plaque; FDR Plaster Obj.00052CollinsPol. HistHarrell01/08/19732BW4x5p
73-35473-354Postcard; Election day in Kentucky00061CollinsPol. HistLAC01/05/19731BW4x5p
73-35573-358Lincoln - Johnson Campaign Lantern00062CollinsPol. HistHarrell01/08/19734BW4x5p
73-35973-360Two Political Campaign torches00063CollinsPol. HistHarrell01/08/19732BW4x5p
73-36173-361Reception for Dr Cowan, & Presentation by Dr Ripley & Dr. Pawson at NH 1/11/7300075CashOD. NMNHKrantz01/11/19731 RlBW35mmp36 exposures
73-36273-367The ShengYeng Acrobat Troupe from China visit the Zoo Attended with Dr. T Reed Prchallinor00240HamletNZPKrantz & Hof01/10/19736 RlsBW35mmp195 Exps.
73-36873-368BW & CN, CS avail. Bicycle, Velocipede; 186900045BerkebileTransp.Harrell01/04/19732CN CT BW4x5p
73-36973-369&A&BHeadquarters to ReElet the Pres. - 1972 - 3 views04971CollinsPol. HistNuefeld11/17/19723BW4x5p
73-37073-372Schulman Material - Coin & Medals05261StefanelliNumismatHof01/12/19733BW4x5p
73-37373-375Coin Vase - 3 Views05260StefanelliNumis.Hof01/12/19733BW4x5p

Transcription Notes:
there is information below the third line with an arrow that seems to be indicating the information at the top of the fourth line is to be part of the 3rd.

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