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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
80-2096480-21013Geo. H. Clark Coll.7254DouglasElec.Div50BW8x10P
80-2101480-21063Geo. H. Clark Coll.6900DouglasElec.Div50BW8x10P
80-2106480-21233Thomas Jefferson BibleRestricted7242CofferPol. His.Div170BW8x10C
80-21234Geo. H. Clark Coll.6900DouglasElec.Div1BW8x10P
80-2123580-21268Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSKN10/197934CS35mmP
80-2126980-21313Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSRMB10/197945CS35mmP
80-2131480-21347Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSBL10/197934CS35mmP
80-2134880-21379Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSDKW10/197932CS35mmP
80-2138080-21392Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSAFH10/197913CS35mmP
80-2139380-21401Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSJM10/19799CS35mmP
80-2140280-21453Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSRD10/197952CS35mmP
80-2145480-21565Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSDP10/1979112CS35mmP
80-2156680-21654Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSJW10/197989CS35mmP
80-2165580-21823Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSJT10/1979169CS35mmP
80-2182480-21959Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSRKH10/1979136CS35mmP
80-2196080-21962Pope John Paul IIWallaceOPPSunk10/19793CS35mmP
80-2196380-21981Pope John Paul II & Folk FestivalSee 4x5 files, mounted wide 10x CSWallaceOPPSJP10/197919CSWide 14xP
80-2198280-22109Washington for JesusWallaceOPPSRKH04/29/1980128CS35mmP
80-2211080-22213Washington for JesusWallaceOPPSKN04/29/1980104CS35mmP
80-2221480-22296Washington for JesusWallaceOPPSJT04/29/198083CS35mmP
80-50000Cer & Glass Inventory Coll.
80-53830Watches - Inventory Coll.RestrictedMechanisms1 RlBW35mmP
80-53837Watches - Inventory Coll.RestrictedMechanisms1 rlBW35mmP
80-5398180-53982Watches - Inventory Coll.RestrictedMechanisms2 RlsBW35mmP
80-5400080-54123Guns Edged Weapons, Etc. - Inventory Coll.Restricted(Nancy Edwards RBL - Move - 54101-107) Not rec'd 80-54012, 0219, 80-54084, 092, 093, 094, 103, 105, 80-54110-119, 80-54036, 038, 040, 042, 044, 047, 049, 064, 072Armed Forces HistKN, DP, JT, EL, JP98 RlsBW35mmP
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