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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
81-181-28Quilt Slides7408DirksTextDiv28CS35mmP
81-2981-34Damaged Silk, African Sisal7407DirksTextDiv6CS35mmP
81-3581-38Trees of Xmas7284SandersonOPADP12/19804 RlsBW35mmP
81-3981-40Trees of Xmas7284SandersonOPAJP12/20/19802 RlsBW35mmP
81-4181-45MAH Holiday Celebration7285SandersonOPADP12/29/19805 RlsBW35mmP
81-4681-49MAH Holiday Celebration7285SandersonOPAKN12/30/19804 RlsBW35mmP
81-5081-53S.I. Furniture7682GoodeOSJP12/19804 RlsBW35mmP
81-5481-55Flag Showing Light Damage7406DirksTextAFH12/18/19802BW4x5P
81-5481-55Flag Showing Light Damage7406DirksTextAFH12/18/19802CS35mmP
81-5681-60Washington Objects in Parlor & Bedroom6946CollinsPol HisAFH12/10/19805BW4x5P
81-5681-60Washington Objects in Parlor & Bedroom6946CollinsPol HisAFH12/10/19805CN4x5P
81-5681-60Washington Objects in Parlor & Bedroom6946CollinsPol HisAFH12/10/19805CS35mmP
81-61Roger Pasquier NHB7695CombsOPAJP01/06/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-6281-66Fans - Feather, Peacock, Bird, Etc.80-1939MillerSIAFH12/19805CS35mmP
81-67Howard Hughes0104BoyneNASMLR01/08/19811BW4x5C
81-68Kiosks in Space Hall7657FlintSS&EJPV12/30/19801 RlBW35mmP
81-69NHB Entrance Const.0017PeytonFacl.JP01/07/19811 RlBW120mmP
81-7081-73Filming of "First Week in Oct." A&I0041BlissOPADP01/06/19814 RlsBW35mmP
81-7481-75Photos Ford & Reagan0096CollinsPol HisSJ01/06/19812BW4x5C
81-7681-102Dukes County Historical Society5805ThomasNAADT01/07/198127BW4x5C
81-10381-105Pipestem - 1762 - Plains - U.S.7468StuckenrathNAAVEK01/19813BW4x5P
81-10381-105Pipestem - 1762 - Plains - U.S.7468StuckenrathNAAVEK01/19813CT4x5P
81-10681-107Moloch Power Hammer 1980.09527767ShaytM&CERMB01/06/19812BW4x5P
81-10881-117Aerial Views - Chesapeake Bay CtrOPPSRKH10CS35mmP
81-11881-144Speed Indicators, Field Engraving Machine, Etc.7298ShaytM&CERMB12/1980-01/198127BW4x5P
81-145Equal Opportunity Interns0002CombsOPAKN01/05/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-14681-147"Running Wild Bunch" Basketball Team7655CombsOPAKN01/08/19812 RlsBW35mmP
81-148SI Basketball Team7651CombsOPAKN01/08/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-149Gretchen Ellsworth7652CombsOPAJP01/08/19811 RlBW35mmP

Transcription Notes:
I've transcribed the first 6 lines but the transcription form will not allow me to go further, I can not scroll or tab to the next line and see it. What to do??? A - Line 1 Client says 'Dirls' but line 2 says 'Dirls' B - First two lines, Date (column 1)starts of with '81'. Line 3-12 date was 80-but 81 written - all for Date Taken month of Dec. However, when month becomes Jan, on line 15, year still says 81. Don't know what to make of this.

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