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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
81-410981-4122Indian Artifacts81-146, 676Jones, EisenhartNC AnthroVEK03/198114CS35mmP
81-4123Rock Slab with Problematic Markings1279BanksMed SciVEK03/19811BW4x5P
81-4124Award Ceremony1938DoddOMPRKH04/01/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-4125John Lang - New Ambudsman2055CombsOPARKH04/01/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-4126Front Fenders of Cars2056CombsOPARKH04/02/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-4127School Desks1763HughesCom LifeDiv1 RlBW35mmP
81-412881-4167Stereograph & Reprod. of Photos2082OstroffPhoto His.Div40BW4x5C
81-416881-4187Cherokee Photos from Cherokee Mus.1656ThomasNAASI04/03/198120BW4x5C
81-4188Latin American Conference2030PlattWCRKH04/03/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-418981-4191Cup & Saucer Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright1893BlaszczykCer & GlasDiv3BW4x5C
81-418981-4191Cup & Saucer Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright1893BlaszczykCer & GlasDiv3CS35mmP
81-419281-4199Lithograph Bridges1778WorthingtonM&CESI04/03/19818BW4x5C
81-420081-4204Eccles Apparatus 81.186.011891JordanMathRMB03/31/19815BW4x5P
81-420081-4204Eccles Apparatus 81.186.011891JordanMathRMB03/31/19815CS35mmP
81-4205Case of the Month - Glass Isulators2153FinnS&TAFH04/02/19811BW4x5P
81-4206USS Oahu (River Gunboat, 1932)1720LangleyNav. His.DB04/01/19811BW4x5C
81-420781-4210Rusty Russell Playing Rugby2198CombsOPAJP04/04/19814 RlsBW35mmP
81-421181-4224Flora Fest II1299MondayHort.JP03/26/198114CS35mmP
81-422581-4227Arrival of Statue of Liberty2043OstroffPol. His.SJ04/06/19813BW4x5C
81-422881-4233Inaugural & Hostage Pennants, Inaugural Banner684CollinsPol. His.BG04/19816BW4x5P
81-422881-4233Inaugural & Hostage Pennants, Inaugural Banner684CollinsPol. His.BG6CS35mmP
81-423481-4245Images for Exhibit "Platinum Women"*See above *Canceled #s 81-4237 see 79-11041, 81-4238 see 79-11047, 81-4240 see 79-11042, 81-4244 see 79-110581925OstroffPhoto His.SJ04/06/19818BW4x5C
81-424681-4247West Gallery, Ferris Jet Mural, Milestones & Shuttle2166BokowskiNASMDEH04/06/19812 RlsBW35mmP
81-424881-4249Tuscar Tailess HA 70-71 (NX-20399)1575PazmanyAeroEP03/25/19812BW4x5C
81-4250Congressional Night1807ChochelesOPA / NASMJPV03/31/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-4251Lord Percy - Luncheon at SI2265OwFolklifeRKH04/07/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-4252PR Views West Gallery & Ferris Painting2166BokowskiNASMDEH04/06/19811 RlBW35mmP
81-4253Panoramic Shot of Mall from SI Tower1871WashburnAmer. StudiesR Fine, KN03/24/19811 RlCN120mmP
81-4254Panoramic of Mall from SI Tower1871WashburnAmer. StudiesR Fine, KN03/24/19811 RlBW120mmP
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