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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
82-721782-7219Builders Photos - Fagin, C.S. Longscope, & Millburn3354TolbertTransDT06/18/19823BW4x5C
82-722082-7224Boomerang Festival3190JacobsOPAKN06/12/19825 RlsBW35mmP
82-7225FDR Auto Dents3189OdellConser.KN06/07/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-7226Onlookers Watching Pres. Reagan @ AH 1/82NO. #KlapthorPol HisBG01/01/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-7227Korea Conference3326PlattWCJP06/19/19822 RlsBW35mmP
82-722882-7230Virgil "Clavier" - Silent Practice Piano1035SheldonMus. Inst.AFH06/09/19823BW4x5P
82-722882-7230Virgil "Clavier" - Silent Practice Piano1035SheldonMus. Inst.AFH06/09/19823CS35mmP
82-723182-7232Teddy and the Bear2252LawlessExp. Bks.DP05/21/19822BW4x5P
82-723182-7235Teddy and the Bear, Nat'l Pencil Coll.82-7231 CN2252LawlessExp. Bks.DP05/21/19825CT4x5P
82-723682-7250Airborne Magnetometer Acc. #81.6873257NortonPhy. Sc.BG06/16/198215BW4x5P
82-725182-7252Penicillin Manufacturing - Fermentation Tanks3519HarrisMed. Sc.Div2BW4x5C
82-7253Roman Vase - Japan Platform - E. Hall "1876" Exhibit3197Kosmacki"1876"JP06/15/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-7254"An Evening Honoring Bernice Abbott"2579MartinContrib Mem.KN06/09/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-7255Awards from U.S. Police Canine Assoc. Reg. Trails3596ListonOPSJP06/10/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-725682-7260Time Sticks - 164916 - China3015BediniSILVEK06/19825BW4x5P
82-7261Presentation (Book - Coral Reef Ecology Study)3516FiskeMus. Dir.VEK06/15/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-726282-7263Opening - "Inua: Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskimo"3417RoseSp. Ev.JT06/17/19824 RlsBW35mmP
82-726682-7303Various Aircrafts, & Pilots3485ShawNASM / LibDiv38BW4x5C
82-730482-7306Pottery - Papago, Maricopa, Apache Ind. Cul.3273BarsamianAnthroVEK06/19823BW4x5P
82-7307Basket - Papago Indian3272BarsamianAnthroVEK06/19821BW4x5P
82-730882-7309Sieve & Anvil3363BarsamianAnthroVEK06/19822BW4x5P
82-731082-7316Shackman's Favor Catalog #703612RothDom LifeDiv7BW4x5C
82-731782-7318Special Viewing "Inua Revealed" - NHB2580MartinContr. Mem.KN06/18/19822 RlsBW35mmP
82-7319Presentation Ceremony - Large Civil War Flag3288BeaudetteSp. E.KN06/16/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-732082-7325Stereo Views - Keystone View Co.3378AdroskoText.DT06/22/19826BW4x5C
82-7326James Knowles & Howard J. Chapell circa. 19653389KnowlesTrans.DT06/22/19821BW4x5C
82-732782-7332USS George Washington (SSB(N)-598)3438HoffmanNav. His.AFH06/17/19826BW4x5P
82-733382-7338USS River Carondelet Ironclad River Gunboat3438HoffmanNav. His.AFH06/17/19826BW4x5P
82-733982-7344CSS Albemarle Ironclad Ram3438HoffmanNav. His.AFH06/17/19826BW4x5P
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