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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
82-909382-9094Comptometer 3236543794JordanMathBG07/22/19822BW4x5P
82-909382-9094Comptometer 3236543794JordanMathBG07/22/19822CS35mmP
82-9095Signing Ceremony - Sec. Parlor - Donation Quadrangle Project4137BlissOPAKN07/28/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-9096Va. Hist. Soc. - S Front, Lower Brandon, Va 1920's4183SherrerExtr IndDT07/28/19821BW4x5C
82-9096Va. Hist. Soc. - S Front, Lower Brandon, Va 1920'sCanceled 8-23-82 S. Hansen CS returned4183SherrerExtr IndDT07/28/19821CS35mmP
82-909782-9112RU 7179: Edmund Heller Papers, Bx 14205HeissSI ArchDT07/29/198216BW4x5C
82-911382-9127Smithsonian - Roosevelt African Exped. RU 7179, Edmund Heller Papers4135CoxArchivesDT07/28/198215BW4x5C
82-9128Sports, Women, Hood College(See 82-8993-99)4181HughesCom LifeDT07/29/19821BW4x5C
82-912982-9132History of Money - Bungtowns3865StefanelliNumisAFH07/29/19824BW4x5P
82-9133Lutra Canadensis - Otter, Beaver Crk. Ariz.4204HeissArchiveDT07/29/19821BW4x5C
82-9134Gizug, V. Springer & K Bruwelheide - Fishes from Exped in S. Seas4266CombsOPADAP07/30/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-9135Margaret Childs for Arrivals Column4269CombsOPADAP07/29/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-913682-9734Folklife Festival(BW 82-7901-7951)3471SouthworthOPPSOPPS Staff1982599CS35mmP
82-9735Group - International Commission of Mil. His. Mall Entrance MAH4057LundebergNav HisKN07/30/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-973682-9739Telescope Cat. #336,6334033NortonPhy SciAFH07/30/19824BW4x5P
82-9740Moon Photograph by Henry Praper Cat. 82.99.14032NortonPhy SciAW07/28/19821BW4x5P
82-974182-9742Historic Italian Lens82-9741-42 CS3912BediniSILBG07/27/198, 07/26/19822CS, BW4x5P
82-9743Floor Covering (Painted) 19124089DirksTextAFH07/16/19821CS35mmP
82-974482-9752Graphics - Contemporary MagazinesRestricted82-9744 CT4019FooteCostJAG, DT09/03/1982, 07/30/19821,9CT, BW4x5C
82-975382-97864239EdwardsNASMDiv34BW2 1/4 x2 1/4P
82-981582-9816J.G. Nall, CAA Insp., J. Woods, 1940, & Art Goebel & Dexter C Martin, 19713931PazmanyAeroLR07/14/19822BW4x5C
82-981782-9824Judy Saipan, Japanese, 9-20-444117MikeshAeroDiv8BW8x10C
82-982582-9834Aircrafts: Douglas C-47C4118MikeshAeroDiv10BW8x10P
82-9835FDR Show - 2nd Floor MAH770MollelaE&MPDP08/02/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-9836Mask 7604 - Unga Island4252BrigidaAnthroVEK07/19821BW4x5P
82-983782-9844Mounted Skeletons4127MilesVert. ZooVEK07/19828BW4x5P
82-9845Calesthenics Class - NHB4271CombsOPADP08/02/19821 RlBW35mmP
82-9846Visit of Queen Sophia of Spain to NASM4353BobowskiNASMJPV07/28/19821 RlBW35mmP
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