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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
83-118783-1190Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress227SpenserAeroJPV01/31/19834BW4x5C
83-1191De Havilland D.H. 4547PazmanyAeroJPV01/31/19831BW4x5C
83-119283-1193Restoration & Storage Facility, Switland Md.685AeroAeroDEH01/25/19832 RlsBW35mmP
83-1194ISSP Luncheon w/ Mr. Hakki6921PlattWCARH01/21/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1195LAP Colloquium for Rowan Ireland - Brazil207PlattWCARH01/20/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1196EAP Noon Disc. - Syed Hussein Alatas208PlattWCARH01/27/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1197Ruth Selig & Catherine Burt in Natural Center - NHB622BlissOPARKH02/07/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1198Sperry 410R Klystron, cutaway ca.1946see also 83-512-5574778FormanE&MPB.G.09/20/19831CN4x5P
83-1199Portrait - Wallace Duffon, Guard - A & I619BlissOPARKH02/08/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1200Electricians Cornell Neff & Herbert Brandford - GW Exhibit813BlissOPARKH02/09/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1201Staff members - Office of International Activities620BlissOPARKH02/09/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-120283-1205Bayer, Johann. Uranometria ... 1655, & Helvelius, Johannes83-019Berger PasachoffDib. Lib. MA01/19834BW4x5C
83-1206Alison Cook in Africa Dress748BlissOPAJP02/09/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1207Informal Portrait - Sylvia WIlliams - Dir. AFA621BlissOPAJP02/09/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-120883-1217"REDSKINS YEA TEAM! VICTORY PARADE"699WallaceOPPSJT02/03/198310 RlsBW35mmP
83-1218"REDSKINS"699WallaceOPPSJP02/03/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-121983-1223"REDSKINS"699WallaceOPPSDH02/03/19835 RlsBW35mmP
83-122483-1226"REDSKINS"699WallaceOPPSJW02/03/19833 RlsBW35mmP
83-122783-1228"REDSKINS"699WallaceOPPSKN02/03/19832 RlsBW35mmP
83-1229"REDSKINS"699WallaceOPPSBG02/03/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1230ISSP Colloq. - "Life under Israeli Rule"265PlattWCKN02/01/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1231Portrait - Dr. Wilcomb E. Washburn496WashburnAmer. Stu.RKH02/08/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1232Awards presentation609PerrotMus. Prog.RKH02/08/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-1233Catholic Church. Liturgy & Ritual. Pslater568BergerDib. Lib.DT02/01/19831BW4x5C
83-1234Introduction of four new fellows662PlattWCARH02/08/19831 RlBW35mmP
83-123583-1238Reception "Japanese Ceramics Today" - NHB368RoseOSEJT02/10/19834 RlsBW35mmP
83-123983-1242American Eagle Sewing Machine - 1855543JanssenText.BG02/01/19834BW4x5P
83-123983-1242American Eagle Sewing Machine - 1855543JanssenText.BG02/01/19834CS35mmP
83-1243American Eagle Sewing Machine - 1855543JanssenText.BG02/01/19831CT4x5P
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