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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
83-14062Pharmacist Convention5622WienerOSEBG09/23/19831 rlBW35mmP
83-14063Intn'l Congress for the His. of Phar. Recep.5622WienerOSEKN09/23/19831 rlBW35mmP
83-14064Smithson Society Dinner - NASM Award to Arthur Sackler5375BlattbergOSEKN09/23/19831 rlBW35mmP
83-1406583-14070Items from Weems Mem. Lib. Coll.5139LundebergNav HisBG09/27/19836 rlsBW120mmP
83-1407183-14077Items from Weems Mem. Lib. Coll.5138LundebergNav HisBG09/27/19837 rlsBW120mmP
83-1407883-14082Kalispel Photos83-1191, 5624Fahey, ThomasWA, NAAES09/27/19835BW4x5C
83-1408383-14088Spain 4 Reales - Ferdinand & Isabella5442StefanelliNumisBG09/19/19836BW4x5P
83-1408983-14090Rail Road Jounal Box Lids4979TolbertTransBG09/16/19832 rlsBW120mmP
83-1409183-14093Housewife (Sewing Kit), & White Woven Tablecloth5228DirksTextBG09/09/19833BW4x5P
83-1409183-14093Housewife (Sewing Kit), & White Woven Tablecloth5228DirksTextBG09/09/19833CS35mmP
83-14094Carrier Approach5146PazmanyAero1 rlBW35mmP
83-14095Canteen - L-6003 - New Mex.5070CraigAnthroVEK09/19831BW4x5P
83-1409683-14097Frisbee Festival4665BrunoNASM / Pub Aff2BW4x5C
83-1409883-14099Dinner - Treaty of Paris - NPG4622BushOSEKN09/28/19832 rlsBW35mmP
83-1410083-14101Cannons & USS Michigan Crew5717LundebergMil HisES09/30/19832BW4x5C
83-14102Three Men Seated with Weapons5621EzellMil HisES09/29/19831BW4x5C
83-14103Reception / Seminar Dr. Fiske's Office NHB5661CoxOD / NHBDP09/28/19831 rlBW35mmP
83-14104SI Furnishings Collection5552GoodeOSRick Stamm1 rlBW35mmP
83-1410583-14116Walcott & Family, and OthersAddition 83-141475749MassaSI ArchES09/29/198312BW4x5C
83-1411783-14127Reprod from Honolulu Star Bulletin, 4/26/40, Fleet Souvenir Edition, 4/26/40, & Chicago Herald Am 12/13/425788LangleyNav HisES09/30/198311BW4x5C
83-14128Tourist Cabin from Laurel, Md.5723HughesCom Lib08/19811 rlBW35mmP
83-1412983-14139Chinese Culture - Ink & Fan Box, Vase, & Architec. Element83-1184, 5775Lambert, BrigidaDC, AnthroVEK09/198311BW4x5P
83-1413083-14142Chinese Culture - Ink & Fan Box, Vase, & Architec. Element83-1184, 5775Lambert, BrigidaDC, AnthroVEK09/198313CT4x5P
83-1414383-14145Frisbee Disc Festival4617GoodNASM, Rec MgmtDP09/04/19833 rlsBW35mmP
83-14146MAH Reception - African Amer. Mus. Assoc.5694WienerOSEDP09/29/19831 rlBW35mmP
83-14147Walcott Early 1900's(See Series 83-14105-16)5749MassaSI ArchES10/03/19831BW4x5C
83-1414883-14149Wilson Council Meeting & Board Meeting5600PlattWCARH09/21/19832 rlsBW35mmP
83-14150Garvin-Huntington-Kennedy & Schroede - Intro of New Fellows5011ElyWCARH09/16/19831 rlBW35mmP
83-14151German-American Conference5352ElyWCARH09/23/19831 rlBW35mmP
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