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[[underline]] Cedar Vale, Kansas. [[/underline]] 19
Chelidon Erythrogastis, com
Petrochelidon lunifrons, com
Progue subis " [[Ditto for: com]]
Trochilus colubris  1
Icteria virens com
Parus atricapillus  1
[[underline]] July 20 [[/underline]]
Melanerpes erythrocephalus  2
Spinus tristis 
Megascops asio   tree
[[underline]] July 21 [[/underline]]
Contopus virens  1
Driobates pubescens  1
Poliopatila cerulea  1
Aegialitis vocifera  3
Sialia sialis  
Merula migratoria  2

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[[underline]] Cedarvale July 19 [[/underline]]
Quercus muehlenbergii, com
" [[Ditto for: Quercus]] m. privoides " [[Ditto for: com]]
" [[Ditto for: Quercus]] nigra " [[Ditto for: com]]
" [[Ditto for: Quercus]] coccinea " [[Ditto for: com]]
" [[Ditto for: Quercus]] stillata   
" [[Ditto for: Quercus]] macrocarpa
Fraxinus viridis
Ulmus americana
Populus angulata
Acer dasycarpum
Carya porciva
Ptelia trifolata
Astragalus [[caryacarpus?]]
    a few on high hill
Rhus glabra  abn
" [[Ditto for: Rhus]] copallina " [[Ditto for: abn]]
Sambucus canadensis
Silphium laciniatum, C
Celastrus scandens -
   on rocky N.E. slope
Solanum rostratum
 abn. on waste ground
Potato bags on it.
Nelumbium luteum , seen
near Peru, July 17.

Transcription Notes:
Checked Latin, left Vernon's original spelling, anything I'm not sure of I left in [[?]] Peru is a town near Cedarvale

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