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Dr. Stahl lead me to one spot from which the view was especially fine, down the ^[[insertion]] palm [[/insertion]] ravine, across the garden, and out towards the nearby mountains. The doctor evidently has the aesthetic sense strongly developed, for he also directed us to some beautiful ^[[insertion]] mountain [[/insertion]] views near Eisenach.
When we returned to the building we found Bertha and Paul waiting for me. After a visit with Dr. Stahl we went out into the garden again, and I took photos 24 and 27.
We then went towards the old University building. I took photo 1. We walk through the corridor of the university, with its quaint ^ [[insertion]] old [[/insertion]] paintings. This building also contains a ^[[insertion]] students' [[/insertion]] carcer similar to the famous one at Heidelberg.
We then took a walk through the 

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quaint, interesting old town, past the old church, the square at the old Rathaus, in which the people take pride in telling you Bismarck once addressed them, to Haeckle's villa and his Institute. The streets are narrow ^[[insertion]] and crooked, [[/insertion]] and everywhere the people swarm over them without regard to sidewalks. This is the greatest place that I ever saw for memorial tablets. There are tablets everywhere recording the fact that famous men, like the von Humboldt's, etc., had occupied the house. In some cases this seems to have been carried by friends and families to cases of inconsequential private citizens.
The odd city is strung along a narrow valley for some distance, and its surroundings of mountain scenery are beautiful, and furnish fine opportunities for the botanist.