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[[left margin]] Last one for Homeword notes [[/left margin]]

A Woodland Circuit

[[strikethrough]] A Bird Lover's Circuit in a Wood [[/strikethrough]]

The great advantage of having pleasant experiences as we pass through this vale of tears is not in their fleeting brightness but in the odor of violets that greets us afterwards when [[strikethrough]] ever [[/strikethrough]] we rehail [[insertion]] ^ them as  [[/insertion]] memorious happy isles.

Woodlanders who hold a 'Rambler's Lease' for this reason often find their footsteps turning back to the old loved paths [[strikethrough]] [[underlined]] and [[/underlined]] in which they ^[[insertion]] often [[/strikethrough]] stop to [[/insertion]] linger, smiling at [[strikethrough]] each [[/strikethrough]] pleasant pictures from [[strikethrough]] former [[/strikethrough]] happy days.