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July 27, 1935
After a very pleasant trip down on the s.s. Ioloa we arrived in Jamaica. At 8:30 in the morning, while the baggage was being unloaded, I stood on the sunny side of the ship, and it was then far too hot to stay long. The customs officials were very nice and passed our baggage without inspection - we had however declared our possessions and Dick paid a deposit on his collecting equipment. After a short conversation with the porter of South Camp Road Hotel we decided to try it for the night (rate 34 shillings for both of us for a room without bath and 3 meals, this for one day ). We were put in the care of a taxi driver - Adrian Roberts, who duly informed us that we would probably be more comfortable with a private family - a fact of which we were well aware - and he had one to suggest. He said it was located across the street from the hotel and he would drive us by so that we could look at it. It was a very homey looking house set well back from the street with a lovely green lawn at one side - most inviting. However, we went to the South Camp Hotel
* Copied from original by REB.