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VIII 21 - 35 Haiti

    Have been in Haiti over two weeks and have just now, with Dick's benign supervision and persuasion, begun to write on our adventures.  
    We arrived here August 1st and had not stepped off of the boat before a suave gentleman, obviously of French origin, walked up and introduced himself as Mr. Woolley.  He said that he represented the hotels Splendid and Sans Souci, and asked us which one we were going to.  He, by the way, would be quite willing to help us get our baggage off the boat, and at the same time accompany us to our hotel.
    The Hotel Sans Souci had previously been recommended to us by Mr. Darlington, as well as a friend of Ruth Mason's - who had been in Haiti - so we named our choice.
    The walk from the boat to the custom's house is quite a long one.  Part of it is actual pier built up on piling while the rest seems