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[[preprinted]] 1 [[\preprinted]]
[[double underlined]] Trinidad [[\underlined]]
[[underlined]] Tuesday November 19, 1935 [[\underlined]]
We were up bright and early as we had to see the immigration officers at 7. We passed their security without ado, and after a nice breakfast we got ready to leave the ship. The Furness Co. provides a launch, free of charge, so at 8 we took the first launch ashore. This trip is a fairly long one compared to the short distance on the other islands. The lighter, carrying our luggage, was towed along by the launch which we were on.
One of the young ladies who went ashore with us, whom I had previously seen on the 2nd class deck, was painted to beat the band. She is rather a tough looking individual, for one so young, and all the paint failed to improve her looks. To cap it all she wore a long dress with a low back. Later on in the day we saw her following the Hotel de Paris porter around. She looked as I should imagine a "tart" would look.
As we passed one of the piers there were two girls there seated on some boxes