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[[circled]] 51 [[/circled]]
Friday July 12
Got letter from Corinna at Y. H.Q. this morning [poor little nose of my Lois - but happily all mended now] Had interesting interview with my young friend - very clever & resourceful friend Johnson
He has absorbed ideas - and made practical and workable proportions - and the plans begin to take shape - in a very large and comprehensive way - I can work perfectly with him. and he with me    I am very happy about my plans and see success.
Heard good reports from Mrs. [[?]] and Mr. Sloan -  and from [[?]] Girls.
- Tom went to see [[?]] work at St. Nazaire
Saw Hering and saw [[?]] answer to my cable about the unsatisfactory young man - of course D.W. is very unhappy about it. [[strikethrough]] He wants E.B. to come home at once? [[/strikethrough]] Easier said than done - he pays no attention to [[underlined]] wishes [[/underlined]] or [[underlined]] orders [[/underlined]]
Stop his allowance and he would come to the surface
Dined at Mildreds - and told stories to Robert (who had never heard them) and to Edith Parkman. Mrs. McClelland and Blair Fairchild
Dr. Fleck arrived yesterday (with Edith Parkman) and bought another [[?]] letter from Corinna