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costumes made - they will now come across the ocean in sufficient quantity - also the material richment question - I shall probably ask for 10 to 15000 dollars - which they do not think is anything but reasonable - considering the problem. - I can hardly realize how the thing has grown - Since I sat at my old red desk at 93 Mount Vernon St. and wrote a long letter to Mr. Carter.
Tom is still at Brest. or St. Nazaire. and Cowley is away. they should both return soon and will be greatly surprised at the now, growing features of the enterprise.
Found a telephone call - from Isadora Duncan waiting to see me - thinking she might want to dance in No Man's Land - and charm the Bosch so we could more easily put them to the sword  I called in and found her with two companions finishing dinner - I sat with them - she greeted me as a very old friend - So we are old friends - She had seen in that illustrious sheet. the N. Y. Herald - that Paris was fortunate in having me as a guest within her gates - and so she had thought it would be nice to see me - so there you are ! We went up to her rooms at the top of the hotel [Maurice} and watched a wonderful - terribly ominous thunder storm hemming us in on all sides - it was quite a thrilling spectacle -
Isadora's guests planned to take her off to some party and I made my get away - and of course taxis were as scarce as the Buffalos - empty ones - but I was lucky. and the deluge waited for me alone - as I stepped into the Hotel it fell - literally fell -