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Thursday 18
The storm last night was more of a "looker". than performer - locally at any rate but it had a successful effect on to-days weather as the humidity and excessive heat of yesterday and the day before seem to have departed.
"Archie" Roosevelt died a hero - like many thousands whose names are not known as his was - the World over.
- The Kaisers sons are all safe and sound.
Saw Gertrude this morning and walked with her to H.Q. - Worked all day there. seeing secretaries and making out a tentative requisition for money for the purchase of costumes and musical instruments - we shall never have enough sent us from the States.
At 5 - called on Juliette Rubles at the Crillon and met Mary [[Lantura?]] there too.
Dined with Henry Wetzel and walked a long time with him in the Tuilleries gardens and across the other side of the Seine. - a most wonderful evening - and such a feeling of calm and peace - and a cruel - beastly battle going on only a few miles away. as far only as Worcester is from Boston. It don't seem possible.
Friday 19
Last night the "Alerte" was hooted out. and a half hearted barrage - but no Bosch - 
Cooler weather greeted Paris this morning. Eagerly looked at the papers - and found a grand piece of news - which was that the great Barrel has at length given the Hun a taste of what French and American OFFENSIVE means  French Military operation was; for an American thrilling reading. and made us all - here and far across the seas - home - very very proud

Transcription Notes:
"Bosch" is a misspelling of "boche", French slang at the time for Germans, sort of like "Hun" was in English.