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[[circled]] 59 [[/circled]]
was brought out into the middle of the Avenue and made ready for use in the case the visitors from the North should come.
Saturday 20.
Everyone is so elated to-day at the brilliant success of the French and Americans and Italians - in Gen. Firch's great offensive - It will always be a very memorable battle for one reason in particular - in that for the first time a considerable number of American troops took part in an offensive - and showed as splendid qualities as any troops have shown in the whole war.
No answer from Winston Arnes to my cable. and I do not quite know where we stand on the [[?]] proportion. 3000 miles of water does complicate carrying on war against the German and carrying on all the thousand side issues of the War.
Drew some money at Cooks and passing down Rue de la Paix - was tempted by a little Greek head in Kalbydean's window - an exquisite little face - and very elaborate dressing of the hair. - Kalebydian made a shrewd guess as to how much Thos. Cook and son had just given me on my letter of credit and his price was within my bounds. The Grecian maiden watches me as I write - she is quite a treasure.
Kalebydian has a very remarkable 18th Dynasty head of a Priest - nose unbroken - and a wonderful wig - $2000. A rare rare price and beautiful as it is rare - I must surely get Henry to see it.
Went to see Gertrude in the morning -
Raining hard to-night - will it be good or bad for our splendid troops