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the price agreed upon £160 for four months [[insertion]] from Nov 17 [[/insertion]] - and Joe and Grandpa drew up the contract. which was more formal than heretofore. having various lawyerlike clauses. and items such as "In consideration of" etc etc suggested by Mr. Blanchard. the kind and very obliging American Antiquity merchant near neighbor of the Greek.
Then the contract was signed and sealed. in the presence of Blanchard. and Mr. Kitikas.. another Antiquity man. in the latters shop - impressive spectacle. and then some tiresome days waiting about on the boat. while the Ramadan festival ended and Byuram began. and dawdling ways of the Orient prevailed, and our words of hustle were [[?ed]] and of no avail - the pump did'nt work. three windows, only [[?oasted]] of sashes - two would'nt open - one would'nt shut. likewise doors would fly open - or could'nt be made to - the bathtub was a disgrace [[as?]] usual and the pantry fearful - the collection of plates and dishes forks and knives etc was a surprise - fairly complete - and sheets and [[?]] linen more or less abundant. [probably less, as I who write these [[?]], am a man]
[[?]] dining-sitting room was presently fixed up. and made extremely [[?]] and homelike. and very spacious it looks. after those of our other [[?]] little ships. Abou Simbel - Ameer el Way. etc.
[[Dowé]] Mahommed. the same sweet faced Dowé. came to Cairo on the 19th Nov

Transcription Notes:
Hard to find out when sentences end and begin since he uses periods throughout and not commas. Used commas if I saw them. Also left side of document damaged so it is hard to determine text along that side. "Byuram" = Bajram