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[[insertion from left page]] 4th day 19 miles [[/insertion from left page]]
We came to anchor at sundown. near Es=Saf. and the next day Monday 26th a strong South wind kept us all day lying there in a poor position - which we bettered towards sunset. by crossing the river. a fierce rain squall was an unpleasant feature of the afternoon.
[[insertion from left page]] 5th day [[/insertion from left page]]
Tuesday 27th. South wind. Joe and Corinna. Rebecca and Grandma and Dowé. took a long walk. and we spent a lazy day at Kafr Amar
Dowie found at Cairo a small boy named Mahomet Abdul Rasull from Shellal whose uncle had left him alone in Cairo and gone to Alexandria. The boy wanted to go home and we consented to take him. Later we found that he could read and write Arabic and was very smart and quick to learn -
Abdallah put in an appearance one day only and then took to his bed where he stayed in the dark until tonight when it was decided to send him home as far as Luxor with Joe who went on the night train
[[insertion from left page]] 6th day [[/insertion from left page]]
Wednesday 28   Another day with a south wind