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The artist of the family went to Karnak this morning as usual on Donkey 47. and the box father made was taken on the heads of two boys at the same time 
Corinna was called for by the Hoopers about 10.30 and went over to the Quibells where she and Ellen lunched and afterwards went into some recently opened tombs of the Queens - with Mrs Quibell a most delightful experience.
They afterwards took tea there and arrived back at the boat at sunset.
Joe worked again in Luxor temple in the afternoon. having mother for company and father part of the time
The children's bath tub came this morning so that they will no longer have to take their bath in the pan for washing dishes.
Just before dinner while Abdalla was setting the table. the crew began the darahboulka and singing. and Rebecca in her nightdress came running out and danced charmingly in perfect time on the deck. to the great enjoyment of the sailors. as well as the family it was one of the prettiest sights to see the sweet little fairy dancing there in the semi darkness surrounded by the dark skinned crew.   she and Shaihi danced together
Reis Ali and father between them fixed up a swing - made out of a milk can box. two oars and some soap. and the Reis spent a good part of the morning swinging both children
The big Cook dahabeyah Ammon Ra. came up the river this afternoon. and anchored quite near us on the sand bank.
    Beautiful sunset tonight with cloudy sky.