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on the choice little poultry yard of Prof Sayce's, which we pass and repass, so many times a day on our way too and from Luxor. --
Grandpa worked with devotion this morning on a "settee" for Ginie.
The "Mayflower" up from Cairo and the "Puritan" down from Assouan. to-day, the town full of "Anglo Americans" and many donkey laden fellukas pass our windows at an early hour and receive Gotty's  morning salutations from the windows of Mama's room.
We still are eating Charles MacVeagh. whose steamer "goodies" have so wonderfully lasted.
Intimations of trouble between Reis and crew. details vague and untrustworthy at present. but some fire likely. where smoke is seen. we know nothing until the storm breaks - it may never come to a head.
K all day. Taking his lunch with him. which included a large hunk of the pudding which has held out so well - Grandpa took off his large share before breakfast this morning and buried it in the sand far away from the boat. and possible exhumation by any of our crew. we now pray. he will never do so again [the cook]
Corinna and Mrs Quibell took their first Arabic lesson this morning and she afterwards staid to luncheon.
Mother and Corinna walked up to Karnak in the afternoon and came home with the Painter.
Many letters from home to-day. including one from Mrs Gardner -and one from Denman with newspaper cuttings about the Velasquez.

Transcription Notes:
His random periods really disfigure and disrupt his writing, but I have left them in. Reviewer:I assume some are just artifact and some are really meant to be commas