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Corinna had [from Ethel] Henry James'. new book "The Golden Bowl" which she is now devouring with delight.
No small boat yet.  Dowé says "to-morrow". the Spaniards also have that word.
Grandpa bought a new hat to-day. and to the families astonishment. it is like the old one.  he narrowly escaped being punished and put to bed. without his "ruks"
Rebecca and Frances took Jeanette. Dowé and Shaihi [in his new galibeah] to see Luxor Temple again late this afternoon.  they feel that the hieroglyphic cows. ducks and owls are better in that temple that in any other of their vast experience.
All the hard and soft drinks. bought in Cairo are gone. we feel very penitent, and very ashamed of the appetite. but are ordering more.  and also more biscuits and crackers etc.
Grandma threw prunes promisculously about. Tonight in one of the rooms, less illuminated by "Lady Brassey's" rays.  she went to bed directly afterwards.
Papa and Grandpa stayed at home all the morning. and played with the two babies in the sand. in the tent. in the swing and sled.  and had a beautiful time.  Papa took over a dozen photographs of the scenes of the morning.
Grandma - Corinna and Jeanette went over to Luxor to church - and heard Prof. Sayce give a very interesting sermon.  quite stirring in part. they said.
After a very good luncheon. Grandpa - Corinna and Joe. went on donkeys to the new tombs discovered last year by Mr. Mond. and also went to the tombs of the Queens. and afterwards went to the Quibells and had tea. - the Host and Hostess being absent. but we were expected.   Ends a charming day.