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Despite rumors. before mentioned in these pages. our crew. seem happy and contented. and no more is heard of their leaving. because the captain won't pay them et. ct.
At present. we have on board. the following men.
Reis Ali - Alobe - Esia - Shaihi. Steam.
and Dowé - Abdalla - Abdu Rafman. and now Yaaseen.
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Work began again at Karnak this morning. and a new picture started at Luxor temple.
Prof. Sayce sailed away this morning - up the river. and we are now the sole dahabeyah on this side of the river. he took away all his hens with him. and this will end the great daily joke with Alobe. about stealing them for our consumption.
Warm and Summerlike - perfect weather. Dr. Saunders says the season is exceptionally fine. and a wonderful contrast to last Winter which was cold and windy - we get reports from Cairo telling of wet cold very unpleasant weather there.
K and L
Mr. Quibell called this afternoon, and when he left he took Rebecca with him for a donkey ride. and she came back afoot with Abdalla.
Mrs. Saunders also called to-day and asked some of us to go to the races on Thursday afternoon.
Corinna and Grandma, Jeanette and Cimie came over to bring "Papa" home. and on our way across the river. Grandpa and Rebecca appeared in the little felouka rowed by Shaihi - the sight was most amusing, as the little tub looks as tho she was upside down or wrong side out. queer in every aspect. She arrived, about four oclock, with Yaaseen as Reis and Crew cook and passenger all in one.
We are to paint her bright red. and her name is to [[insertion]] be [[/insertion]] Rebecca and Frances.