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In the small felouka to Karnak as usual this morning. and put in a hard morning's work.
M. Legrand is getting  the water out of his diggings by means of a shadouf. quite a novel sight - he promises some finds within a day or so now.
Corinna spent the afternoon at Luxor temple with Joe - and later Jeannette and the babies made their appearance. and we toddled around. into the Luxor hotel gardens. to see the  war telegrams. and then we made a call on the Ffoulkes on the Ramses III.
Mr. Quibell came in at dinner time - refused to eat. but sat with us until we had finished.
Corinna and Jeannette and the babies went to Rameses to-day on donkeys.
With much talk and discussion a settlement was brought about. and Shaihi - Esia and Alobe have been paid what was due them. and happiness has settled down upon us all.
No business instincts seem lodged in the brains of our boats owners.
Letter from Mrs. Gardner to-day. asking why she don't get her tapestry - good reason because I havnt yet bought it for her - by same mail. came an offer from Paris from the owner - offering it for $8000. delivered at Fenway Court. which I shall telegraph to her to-morrow.
Joe Called on Mrs. Phoebe Hearst this morning on the Amaris. and then went to Karnak by donkey. afterwards seeing her again there. Corinna and Grandma came later by the little felouka and Corinna introduced M. Legrand to Mrs. Hearst.
We all came back in the little boat. being towed by Alobe and Yaaseen.
Work went on as usual in Luxor temple after luncheon. and the babies came over and 

Transcription Notes:
According to Wikipedia, James Edward Quibell (11 November 1867 ? June 5, 1935[1]) was a British Egyptologist, born in Newport, Shropshire.