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Left our moorings at five oclock and made slow progress. for an hour. and then a long wait was  made which was inexplicable for a time. At length the small boat appeared with Mahommed and Ousmaine. - we had been waiting for their return from Assouan. where the latter had gone with Reis Ali's permission to leave money [paid him in advance by the Reis] with his family
Litte Mahommed had been told to go with Ousmaine . and not loose sight of him. but had misunderstood directions . or had been eluded by Gummies slyness - for the wine
[[insertion from left page]] we found out later on that Ousmaine drinks the methylated spirits. [[/insertion from left page]]
that is red had been looked at and freely partaken of and the poor old sot came alongside, once more in splendid spirits.
Mahommed was pounded for his failure to guard Ousmaine better. while he was scolded and his turban pulled off - disclosing the remains of the thirty five piasters . which he had started off with.  Gummy certainly was not making a good impression.
After throwing away a bottle secreted in the small boat, the dhabeah was once more [[insertion]] ^ put [[/insertion]] in motion.  Gummies voice tuned to a high key. in the singing.
A bad head wind made progress impossible, and about two oclock we landed and made fast at a small island named Koobau - here we spent the afternoon and night. walked upon its sands by moonlight. and enjoyed the ill wind which drove us to that haven.