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When they returned empty handed. ewe less. the temple was visited before darkness came down and four police with lanterns appeared as we were leaving who wondered at our visiting the temple in darkness and tried to illuminate its grand proportions by magnesium lights but failed entirely in their endeavor. Had a Fantasia Tonight Gummy to the fore.
They advised Dowé that we needed two watchmen for our boat because Edfou was such a bad place - we don't know how many watched over us from the bank that night. a shilling was all the vigil cost us however.

Telegram from Joe saying to expect him  Friday.

Sheep not bought. Dowé pronouncing it too dear. - the feast postponed. Next morning after an early breakfast we again visited the temple. 242 steps up the great Pylon and about nine oclock went aboard and left Edfou but an hour afterwards our old enemy the North wind proved too much for us and Edfou remained in sight all the rest of the day until about six oclock we started again and went all night. [[strikethrough]] ar [[/strikethrough]]

About nine oclock reached El Kab and went at once across the desert to see the tombs. after lunch sent to meet Joe - men returned in the felooka about four without him. the only afternoon train from Assouan having failed to bring him to the station of Mahomed-
Most of the afternoon after their return, spent in spirited conversation as to what we