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its famous temple and attractive baazars.
A sheep was bought. and at length the promised feast is in sight. "Gummy" came aboard this morning. with a surprising gait on - which he attributed to a wounded foot - he was put out of sight. but subsequently made his escape. and made a second addition to his spirited condition.
We sailed soon after luncheon - and waited in mid stream. while Gummie was sought for in the town, and at length brought to us in the small boat. in a very glum frame of mind. refusing to take an oar - as soon as he got aboard.
He was rudely thrust below the deck, and called bad names. A wonderful sunset ended Christmas day on the Nile. and a full moon soon continued the beauty of travel in this fashion. and our crew kept the boat in mid stream through the night. and only stopped when Luxor was all but in sight.
Drifted down to Luxor. in two hours this morning, and tied up to the shallow bank of the Theebes side of the river. and made arrangements for a long stay - pitched the tent on the sand - put out a permanent gang plank. etc etc. and went to Luxor for mail.
Three Hoopers were found. and we took tea with Ellan at the Luxor Hotel and met Mrs. Dr. Sanders. to whom we had a card of introduction from Dr. Sandwith. The Ameer el Wuz. lies near Cooks landing on the Luxor side and on our side a big dahabeah named the "Dongola" is moored near us. on the sand bank