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* The cook made two amazing ibis decorations out of napkins - for the table.
see - photograph.
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Ellen Hooper and her two sisters came to luncheon today. Great preparations were made by Dowé and the cook * and everything went off very smoothly, and our guests who had never been before on a dahabeah - seemed to greatly enjoy themselves - The sailors gave a great fantasia afterwards. and then took the ladies over to Luxor. in the small boat.
Joe spent the morning at Karnak and picked out subjects enough to keep him busy for weeks.
Mother and Dowé interviewed the dealer in Antiquities whose wife milks cows. but the result seemed rather vague and indefinite. and we don't know much more about the great milk question than we did before. and I daresay the great "bear brand." is the one bright star in our milky way.
Work has been begun by the painter. at Luxor temple. a charming head of a priest of Mut. 
Mother sat and watched, and gave valuable advice, and made some measurements with her sunshine. afterwards she and the painter roamed around in the temple and were surprised by two little bints in red coats with a mother, and Abdalla and Shay in attendance. 
Their study of Egypts antiquities is most profound.
Mrs. Ogilvie called this afternoon at the boat and found Corinna and Grandpa.