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At Llyn Dee.
Thinking we might save time by taking a short cut over a hill which was between us and the house and have a view from its top we set off but found that it was longer and there was no fine view. We got home about twelve oclock to a good dinner that Mother and Lilly had made for us. On the way I found a very nice straight level stick out of which I made a very nice cane while father rested himself. We then all but mother took a walk on a hill to the north and drew Snowdon. In the evening father and I went to Slyn Dinas where we saw a charming effect for the mountains were tinged with the setting sun in such a way that first the tops were very warm and lakey [[?]] next purple and a little deeper then green and down near the lake deep green and this was reflected in the calm water which looked like a sheet of burnished gold father painted it. 
26th.  Father worked up the sketch he made the night before.  I wrote in journal drew Cnicht mountains said lessons went with Mary Owen and drove up cows to milk.  Mother made oaten cakes.  Lilly sewed. 
27th.  Mother Lilly and I went to the Welsh chapel which is situated at the foot of Aran [[?]] in the vale of Nant Gwymant with the Gwymant river and road passing by it and it being 
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At Llyn Dee. 
a very bright morning the scene looked very beautiful.  The building is very plain and long and in one end there lives an old woman who takes care of it.  The sermon was in Welsh and though we could not understand it it sounded very well. 
In the afternoon we took a walk to the waterfall, which looked very charming we got some berries which were very nice.  It began to rain not long after we were there so we came home.  I wrote started drawings.  Mother finished copying father letter. 
28th.  Was dull.  Father painted his sketch of Coom Slan and Snowdon.  I coloured my drawing of Cnicht but I did not succeed.  Mother made oaten cakes.  In the afternoon I made water wheels.  Lilly sewed etc.
29th  Was showering.  Father and I went to Llyn Gwymant to get a sketch of Aran and the lake.  We saw many grand effects for there were large clouds flying that would throw some parts into deep shade and other parts into bright light.  On the way home we fell in with Mr. Vawdrey who was fishing which he said was poor work for the fish for some reason would not rise.  After dinner father felt bad he put on some drawing paper.  I copied my sketch on to a water colour block in that I might colour it.  I made a little plan of the [[cotour?]] of it.  Mother drew an old stable above the house.  Lilly and Billy Owen played. 
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