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Going up 2ward / Loop it grew cold & n / moonlight ag a white cloud / mts lkd alm white & wi / gruesome cactus forms & / loneliness it made a dreary picture.
We saw little o / Loop as / moon w mostly hidden. /ey say t / engineer w discouraged - cd get x faster, when his son suggestd t he come [[underlined]] under [[/underlined]] / road, & t he took up / idea & carried it out. As we w going /ro / most dangerous part / surgeon o / [[symbol- division]] came along & by tellg us n solemn tones o / serious accidents t h happd /re & along / route. Ab girl burned 2 dea/, & o/er cheerful details. Odd char. retired broken down Oakland M.D. gone into speculation - 1000s o acres o cheap land - h 80,000 n one tract f sale & position o surgeon o [[symbol- division]]. Intrs'g 2 see professional airs - ordering porter [[superscript]] [8] [[/superscript]]