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[[Underlined]] Doryteuthis [[/Underlined]] [[Circled]] 3 [[/Circled]] 

Nov 6, 72. Mixed group. 2 large medium Sepiots + 3 Dorys same size. At night at lights. Apparently all travelling together. Then single Loligo type back alone.

Pop cycles maybe different in Dorys and Sepiots, p.367

Dec, 72. Arcadio. Dorys at light at night. Also V-octopus [[Underlined]] (briareus?)[[/Underlined]]  Not associating. Then Sepiots. Again no association.

June, 73 Arcadio Dorys at lights at night. [[Underlined]] Not [[/Underlined]] associated with Sepiots
Then associated with one Sepiot.
But species usually are not closely associated

[[check mark]] 1 [[Underlined]] Lolliguncula [[/Underlined]] large with mixed group large and medium Sepiots Arcadio July 6, 1973

[[Underlined]] Pickfordiateuthis [[/Underlined]] adult (?) 1/2-1 ft up in 7 ft water over TG. Alone.

July 5, 1973 Night. Tightly integrated group of Sepiots and Dorys. Dorys matching their speed to that of the Sepiots.

[[check mark]] July 6, 1973. 1 large, 5 medium large Sepiots. Plus 1 presumed Lolliguncula, approximately same size.

Aug 73 - Lolliguncula - Dory association Bocas del Toro. At night by light.
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