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which they had trapped.
Told story of [[Free's?]] brother who slept with the potatoes under his legs so as to prevent them from freezing a habit which he had acquired in the Porcupine District in Canada whence he had moved since the big forest fire had burned down the whole village.  George tells me there is nobody around there except the guides and trappers who live there the whole year.  Bert Pelletier like usually is making showshoes.  George says skis would be of no use there because they do not allow getting thru the woods and underbrush and allow no pack carrying nor the surety of footing of snowshoes.
Towards evening I went to visit [[red underline]] Mr. Hasslacher, [[/red underline]] found [[red underline]] Mausolff [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] Harriman [[/red underline]]
there also [[red underline]] german consul [[/red underline]]
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of [[red underline]] Vladivostock. [[/red underline]] They all departed but Mr & Mrs. Harriman.  Afterwards drove to University Club where Doremus invited me for supper.  Came home with 10:45.  The children had a party at home.

Jan. 4. Dictated most of morning.

Jan 5.  Dictated letter to U. S. Vice [[red underline]] Consul Van Hee, [[/red underline]] enclosing 2$ for secrecy by cable.  Ditto to [[red underline]] Dr. Henry Van Dyke [[/red underline]] the Hague for cabling whether my draft has reached my sister.
[[strikethrough]] Jan 6 [[/strikethrough]]
I have received letter from [[red underline]] Sutherland sending in his resignation. [[/red underline]] The wording of the letter and the way he acts makes me believe this is merely a tactless way for obtaining an increase.  Telephoned to Porter and he thinks I better should have an interview with [[red underline]] Sutherland [[/red underline]]

Jan 6.  Rain and fog.  Subway disabled on account of short circuit on cable system.  Whole system is blacked so Albert drove me to

Transcription Notes:
secrecy by cable? better than arriving by cable? I thought the beginning letter looked more like an "a" as in "arriving" and there are too many letters for it to say "secrecy." JF

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