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meeting board of directors.  [[red underline]] Hasslacher [[/red underline]] and Peters absent. [[red underline]] Deliveries this month are highest on record namely $42.600 [[/red underline]] which gave quite cheerful note to meeting although our year is scarcely higher than last, but the same dividend is at least as much 
Afterwards had [[red underline]] Sutherland [[/red underline]] for lunch at Drug Club.  He tells me the position he has in reserve is only for six months at [[red underline]] $1000 [[/red underline]]
In fact I doubt whether he has any at all so it is as I supposed a tactless piece of work.  He seemed very conciliatory and told he was willing to stay as he was etc etc and a lot of talk contrary to his letter.  Finally I proposed him [[red underline]] $15 a month [[/red underline]] more which he readily accepted
[[image - symbol in left margin showing a circle with cross on top and annotation]] 2 hours charge.
Rushed to ferry then to Perth Amboy. Further good results [[red underline]] with resin plastic [[/red underline]]
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[[vertical annotation in left margin]] Increasing much formaldehyde Lactic acid as condensing agent.
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[[red underline]] sheet [[/red underline]] which [[red underline]] molds better, [[/red underline]] is more homogeneous, better dielectric and better tensile  strength than [[red underline]] condensite. Thurlow's way of making molding mixtures [[/red underline]] also continues to give good results.  Took two cups with me one black, one red, which both readily electrize on friction
[[red underline]] Gothelf [[/red underline]] busy with buttons making progress. [[red underline]] Alford [[/red underline]] also reports further progress with colorless and white [[red underline]] lightproof material [[/red underline]] Jones in adding phenol to his [[insertion]] urea [[/insertion]] condensation product has succeeded in making it stand water.  I gave a small bottle of ethylphlalate to [[red underline]] Alford [[/red underline]] and one to Jones to use instead of amylacetate.  [[red underline]] Everything at factory looks well all what we want [[black underline]] now [[/black underline]] are orders. [[/red underline]] I feel extremely tired and have some headache.  Took supper at Mouquins then home with 
8:45 P.M train 
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