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Jan. 7. [[strikethrough]] Up [[?]][[/strikethrough]] Mild [[strikethrough]] [[thawin]] [[/strikethrough]] day
[[strikethrough]] Temperature [[/strikethrough]]
Went to New York [[red underline]] Automobile show. [[/red underline]] Very crowded and on this account uninteresting because you could not come near the most interesting exhibits.  Why dont they use larger space or prolong the exhibition.-  Then supper at University Club.  Then went to see movie-show at Strand Theatre:  "The Girl of the Golden West."  Home with 11:45 P.M.

Jan 8. Mild clear weather: At home all day.  I calculate that our [[red underline]] general expenses have increased about $10.000 a year [[/red underline]] while our orders have not increased.  It is doubtful whether our profits available for [[red underline]] dividends will be as high as last [[/red underline]] year.

Jan 9. Went to New York evening for supper and returned with 10:40 P.M

Jan 10. 1915 Sunday.  Spent most of
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the day reading.  Feel more and more depressed, uninterested in everything.  This is a real torture When and how will it end?
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Jan. 11  Busy dictating all morning.  Orders [[red underline]] thus far very small. [[/red underline]]
Afternoon went to Porter's office thence with him to Brooklyn laboratory.  [[red underline]] Sutherland [[/red underline]] has results in relation to direct [[red underline]] [[delamination?]] of acids. [[/red underline]]  His yield are all more than twice the amount of racemic acid, showing that [[red underline]] factor [[/red underline]] 2 is all right and that the high yields recently reported are real and [[red underline]] not imaginary. [[/red underline]]
[[symbol in left margin shows a circle topped by a cross with annotation]] [[underlined]] 6 hrs [[/underlined]] [[/symbol and annotation in left margin]]
Paulus ^[[Paulus]] was busy with his formate machine which operated under pressure.  Left about 6 P.M. Charge 4 hours.  I went for supper at Mouquin and returned home by 8:45 P.M train.

Jan 12. A busy day telephoning.  Spent about [[overwritten]] one [[/overwritten]] much telephoning with Brooklyn.  Charge one hour.
[[symbol in left margin showing a circle topped by a cross with annotation]] [[underlined]] 1 h [[/underlined]] [[/symbol and annotation]]
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