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better tomorrow I may have to give up [[red underline]] contemplated lecture in Dayton [[/red underline]] (Ohio) on the sixth.
[[ink underline]] April 4 [[/ink underline] (Sunday) 1915 
At four in the morning I got up and started packing my valise, then after very hot bath felt somewhat better.  Took [[strikethrough]] early tr [[/strikethrough]] train 8:30 A.M for [[red underline]] Dayton [[/red underline]].  Bundled myself up in overcoats and stretching myself over valises got some sleep.  Sunny weather.  Landscape flat. Succession villages and cultivated land.  Then sandy soil and [[red underline]] turpentine pine woods [[/red underline]] now and then [[strikethrough]] a nu [[/strikethrough]] an [[red underline]] orange [[/red underline]] grove.  Beyond Mobile (Alabama) much unsettled wooded land some of it swampy.  A real virgin forest with big cedar trees - with bunches of mistletoe.  Many trees with green glossy leaves like Rhododendrons, probably magnolia trees, and palmettos
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below.  Crossed several yellow muddy rivers, some of them rather wide and straight into the endless woods
They all seem navigable [[red underline]] but not a sign of [[strikethrough]] settes [[/strikethrough]] settlement. [[/red underline]] One very wide one is the Alabama River.  These rivers would make interesting boating excursions in the land beyond.  Then rolling land, and higher hills with red soil very sandy.  Long leaf pine, big oak trees, and white dogwood in flower.  Also wild plum trees  a beautiful purple flower [[strikethrough]] an [[/strikethrough]] will entirely covers the tree before any green leaves appear, also the red maple [[strikethrough]] ur [[/strikethrough]] tree which stands out like a burst of [[strikethrough]] brick red [[/strikethrough]] red flowers.
[[strikethrough]] April [[/strikethrough]]
Dr. J. T. Bryan of Calumet Baking Powder Co is in same car and explains me the fight between his company and [[red underline]] the Royal Baking Powder Co. [[/red underline]]  I mentioned to him the fact that I knew some of the officers of the Royal Baking
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