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April 11-1915 (Sunday).  Rather heavy warm weather.  Day spent reading and sleeping.  Rest needed.

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April 12.  All day in [[red underline]] Brooklyn [[red underline]] [[interesting?]] experiments for affidavit before patent office.  Charge one day.  Evening there is meeting of [[red underline]] Inventors Guild.  Ward Leonard  [[/red underline]] has died since last meeting.  After [[Jr?]] ending meeting I gave short talk about past and future of [[red underline]] Photochemistry. [[/red underline]]  Mr. West of Bethlehem Steel Company tells us that his company has accepted order for over a [[red underline]] 1000 guns for France, each gun costing $27000. [[/red underline]]  delivereis to begin in 4 months and latest deliveries as late as 18 months.  [[red underline]] This does not look as if war is to be over soon. [[/red underline]]

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April 13.  Early meeting board of Directors of Bakelite Co.  [[red underline]] Sales lat month only $19000. [[/red underline]].  Afternoon in Brooklyn.  [[underline]] Charge four hours. [[/underline]]  [[Adrived?]] to try [[red underline]] reducing formic acid to CH2O [[/red underline]] by [[amslyern?]] cell.  Also addition of FeCl3.  MgCl CnClr to errode and [[calloole?]] to prevent [[unslace?]] alkolinity in converter cell.  Also to try very weak solutions of glyoglate and very weak current [[strikethrough]] foc [[/strikethrough]] all for avoiding quick accumulation of [[countre?]] soda in connector cell.  Paulus announces he finally [[red underline]]got 97% fornate + 3% [[?red underline]] carbonate by using cathode [[bugiron?]] of Niagara Falls in his attempts to make formate by wet process.

April 14  Met [[red underline]] Frank L. Dyer and Kirk Brown [[/red underline]] at 10 AM by appointment at Drug and Chemical Plant to talk over compromise
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