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[[red underline]] sinking of british steamer Lusitania, [[/red underline]] (Britain's fastest and biggest passenger ship) [[red underline]] thru a German torpedo. [[/red underline]] 
Many americans on board and report says no lives are lost.  This is very fortunate. [[an "X" refers to a vertical annotation in left margin]] X Afterwards news came of [[ink underline]] most [[/ink underline]] lives lost [[/vertical annotation]] -
[[red underline]] Japan withdrawn [[strikethrough]] clause 5 [[/strikethrough]] paragraph 5 and China accepts alternative so this settles this point [[/red underline]]
Went to University Club.  Quite some stu about [[red underline]] Lusitania. [[/red underline]]
Later papers say ship sunk after about twenty minutes.  this seems strange that no lives have been lost.

[[ink underline]] May 8. 1915 [[/ink underline]] Mornings papers bring the news that over [[red underline]] 1000 passengers [[/red underline]] on Lusitania were killed including over [[red underline]] 100 americans, [[/red underline]] amongst which many well known americans.  Elbert Hubbard and his wife, Frohman,
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[[vertical annotation in left margin in ink and repeated in red pencil]] LUSITANIA. LUSITANIA [[/vertical annotations]]
Vanderbilt and many others
The [[red underline]] next three days may bring a repetition [[/red underline]] of the condition which [[red underline]] followed sinking of the Maine in 1898. [[/red underline]] I fear less the result of international complications as complications at home with German sympathizers.  All people I meet are indignant. Press is very outspoken.  [[red underline]] Roosevelt [[/red underline]] reproaches [[red underline]] Wilson [[/red underline]] of lack of vigor.  Wants quick and decisive measures.  Germans are more hated than ever before.  Murderers, pirates etc. are some of the names given to them by the newspapers.  This brings the belgian atrocities home.  the Bryce report of atrocities in Belgium which just now is being published adds significant material.  People now say we never wanted to believe the story of Belgian atrocities but now we believe everything
Spent most of day reading every    
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