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[[New England written vertically in red in left margin]]
later on in trying to take a side road, kept on losing our way in [[strikethough]] unh [[/strikethough]] uninhabited region, thru woods and uncultivated fields  
Things got worse and worse till finally car got stalled [[red underline]] in a bog and wheels were sinking deeper and deeper [[/red underline]].  Fearfully hot weather.  Worked at it with [[red underline]] Albert [[/red underline]] from 11 AM till 3:30 P.M.  Nothing to eat, nothing to drink.  Had to rebuild road.  Nasty, dirty work all wet of perspiration  Nina went ahead to [[red underline]] Brownells [[/red underline]], six miles climbing walk.  Finally got car going, then arrived at [[red underline]] Tolland [[/red underline]] Lake at [[red underline]] Brownell's [[/red underline]]
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[[New England written vertically in red in left margin]]
Camp, where we got some ice-tea and sandwiches quite refreshing.  Then about 5:30 left for [[red underline]] Winsted [[/red underline]] Conn thru a wet slippery mountain road of about 16 miles, then ran very fast over [[red underline]] Norfolk [[/red underline]], New Canaan, [[red underline]] Sheffield [[/red underline]] to  [[red underline]] Great Barrington [[/red underline]] and arrived at hotel in [[red underline]] Stockbridge [[/red underline]] about 8 P.M.
glad to be [[strikethough]] home [[/strikethrough]] back again.  [[red underline]] Car ran splendidly. Winsted [[/red underline]] an unattractive factory town but [[red underline]] Norfolk [[/red underline]]  looks very pretty. This whole stretch of road is charmingly picturesque. Pretty white houses, green wooded mountains in distance, clear running little rivers everywhere and green pasture lands
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