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[[red underline]] to be used by the French and Belgian army. [[/red underline]] This is a hot day

July 30. Another hot and sultry day. Afternoon I took [[red underline]] Celine [[/red underline]] out in little car to Nyack to see the [[red underline]] Cygnet [[/red underline]] being repaired. Hull is all shaved and scraped, wet paint and varnish everywhere. Then we went over the [[red underline]] mountain [[/red underline]] road at Nyack then lost our way. Car got [[red underline]] stuck in ditch while [[/red underline]] trying to make room for a farmer's horse team. Two italians and I pulled hard to get car out after a few minutes succeeded. Hot job in this hot weather gave them two Dollars reward. Then we went over that wonderful new [[red underline]] Dyckman street road and Ferry. [[/red underline]] Finally
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wound up with very pleasant supper in the brilliantly lighted summer garden of [[red underline]] Claremont [[/red underline]] Restaurant. Many many people out along Riverside drive on account of the hot weather. Numerous automobiles too. [[red underline]] Our ^[[insert written in red]] new [[/insert]] electric fans [[/red underline]] in our sleeping rooms made the heat quite bearable  
In fact I slept under heavy blankets

July 31 . Another very sultry day 
Remained home all day. Gave order to renovate my mattresses and [[red underline]] cushions of my boat.  Orders have been coming in very nicely during this month. [[/red underline]] It may be the [[red underline]] biggest month on record since we [[/red underline]] started.

[[strikethrough]] July [[/strikethrough]] 
Aug 1 - 1915
(Sunday) A hot sultry day and rather cloudy. [[red underline]] Dr. Morel, [[/red underline]] [[strikethrough]] sol [[/strikethrough]] son of [[red underline]] Dr. Giles [[/red underline]] 
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