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[[Note: 'Cygnet Canada' written in red pencil vertically in left margin]]
roped around propeller and the dinghy. Water as smooth as a mirror. First somewhat cold then temperature rose [[underlined in red]] to 80°F [[/underlined in red]] so as to make it comfortable. Ideal weather. At first a little hesitation in locating the buoys in the slight surface fog. which lifted afterwards. We soon got at [[underlined in red]] Sorel [[/underlined in red]] then into our old friend the Richelieu. The water at first as smooth as a mirror in the St Lawrence does not look as if there were any much strong current. In the Richelieu it became more windy, southerly. then it stiffened into a breeze. and got hotter and hotter to nearly [[underlined in red]] 90°F. [[/underlined in red]] Same restful landscape, quaint villages [[strikethrough]] wh [[/strikethrough]] with their pointed steeples. Twice a squall and dark clouds but
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[[Note: 'Cygnet Canada' written in red pencil vertically in left margin]]
[[strikethrough]] everythin [[/strikethrough]] every time storm passed quickly without even raining where we were altho' we could follow the intensely dark clouds behind. Near [[underlined in red]] Lock of St Ours [[/underlined in red]] we got [[strikethrough]] in [[/strikethrough]] on a shoal on account of defective charts, but we managed to get off after about 30 minutes. Finally locked into [[underlined in red]] Chambly [[/underlined in red]] locks just at sunset. A most beautiful red sunset. This has been a [[strikethrough]] busy [[/strikethrough]] long day. We tied up in canal just beyond the bridge. It felt rather hot on land but night was quiet and cool and pleasant. [[strikethrough]] Barges with [[/strikethrough]] Canal boats [[underlined in red]] drawn by horses. [[/underlined in red]] and inhabitated by the boatsman's family, mostly french Canadians pass now and then and we hear their french patois.

[[underlined in black]] Sept 16. [[/underlined in black]] Awakened much rested - feel fine. At 6:00 started reading my notes then Albert prepared
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