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[[Note written vertically in red in left hand margin: Smokeless powder]]
to get rid of last traces of water nitrocellulose in a special building. [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] treated with diethyl-alcohol which takes up water and dries it ahead in a special cylinder press, out of which comes a cylinder of nitro cellulose about 8 or 10" diameter and about 10"or 12" long smelling very much of alcohol this then is  mixed in another building with enough [[red underline]] ether 
and alcohol [[red underline]] to mix to a stiff paste in [[Widerer?]] and Pfleiderer mixers. This stiff paste is then pressed thru hydraulic presses and comes out as continuous ropelike substance flexible and looking somewhat like celluloid
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Some of the "rope" is about 1" diameter and has longitudinal holes. This is for big calibre guns. Other is only about 1/2"and is brown.
Other has size of [[strikethrough]] vermicelly [[/strikethrough]] italian vermicelli and is presed out a special press. All are cut to proper length in special cutting machine. There [[red underline]] seem to be no precautions against fire or explosions. [[/red underline]] Every one of the operations is very simple.
In another building waste or scrap of smokeless powder is ground [[red underline]] under water [[/red underline]] in large cast iron presses with big revolving mill stones similar to ordinary crushers or grinders.  This grinds the pieces to a fine powder which
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