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to us.
Oct 28, 1917 (Sunday) 1917  Drove [[red underline]] to Aviation Camp [[/red underline]] where commanding officer Col. [[red underline]] Bomford [[/red underline]] had invited [[red underline]] Hewitt and myself. [[/red underline]] A hurried auto drive over muddy roads, took [[red underline]] Dr. Dean of Bureau of Mines along.  Everywhere challenged by sentries. [[/red underline]] then drove to headquarters with [[red underline]] sentry aboard [[/red underline]] after had shown my identification card of [[/red underline]] Naval Consulting Board. Camp seems better kept than at Mineola. [[/red underline]] Less crowded and looks more cheerful. Same kind of [[strikethrough]] build [[/strikethrough]] wooden white buildings and ditto barracks  
Went to see hangars and repair shops.  [[strikethrough]] on [[/strikethrough]] Same trouble here as everywhere [[red underline]] only a few airplanes for teaching flying altogether too few so that [[/red underline]] insufficient opportunity for
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practice exists.
Dinner at [[red underline]] Kettering's [[/red underline]] house, his father and mother there, also Col and Mrs. [[red underline]] Deeds and Mr. Talbot and his son. [[/red underline]] Both the latter are the heads of [[red underline]] Dayton Wright Co [[/red underline]] and are experienced engineers and contractors who make the impression that they [[red underline]] know how to manage such a big business. [[/red underline]] Col. [[red underline]] Deeds [[/red underline]] tells me that pretty soon the daily payroll of this plant will average [[red underline]] $300.000! [[/red underline]]
After dinner we [[strikethrough]] went to [[/strikethrough]] drove to nearby [[red underline]] Aviation Field [[/red underline]] where we spent afternoon.  A bright beautiful day but rather cold.  Some [[red underline]] Hall Scott motored planes fly.  Some [[american?]] and french officers there.  Kettering [[/red underline]] tells us they are going to try the first large [[red underline]] 12 cyl. Liberty Motor which we saw yesterday. [[/red underline]] In the mean-